In Their Own Words: Sanjay Gour|回聲:Sanjay Gour

‘When you see an image and it enters your mind, does it go to your head or does it go to your heart? What emotion does it convey? My father’s philosophy was that, in a world with war and suffering, is there a different way to look at things? If you look at things differently, maybe you can achieve a common understanding, and if you achieve a common understanding, you can build trust.’

Two works by Rajendra Gour (1940–2023) are shown during the Asian Avant-Garde Film Festival. Labour of Love—The Housewife (1978) is part of the ‘Fearless & Fierce: The Female Gaze’ segment, and Eyes (1968) is part of the Self × Society segment. Read Chew Tee Pao’s tribute to Gour here.



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