In Their Own Words: Chang Chao-Tang|回聲:張照堂

'Reinterpreting these illusive pieces of space-time that straddle the line between the real and the imaginary—that is the type of image I wish to pursue. While some [interpretations] are concrete, the rest can only rely on intuition, sensory function, and imagination. The people captured in the images are looking for the way; the people in real life are looking for the way. We are all looking for the way, simultaneously lost and found.'1

Chang Chao-Tang (1943–2024) was among the most celebrated and pioneering Taiwanese artists of the last century. His surrealist photographic sensibilities had a strong influence on the look of Taiwanese media and visual culture in Taiwan. Chang was the director of photography for Glamorous Boys of Tang, which is part of the ‘Glamorous Boys of Tang: Redux’ screening programme of the Asian Avant-Garde Film Festival at M+.

1. Chang Chao-Tang, Chang Chao-Tang, vol. 2, Time Recollections, 2nd ed. (Taipei: Taipei Fine Arts Museum, 2024), p. 191.


張照堂(1943–2024)是二十世紀台灣著名先鋒藝術家,他開創的超現實前衛攝影方式對台灣往後的媒體和視覺文化影響深遠。張照堂為《唐朝綺麗男》的攝影指導,該電影作品於 M+「亞洲前衛電視節」的「唐朝綺麗男:加強版」單元放映。


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