Unexpected Encounters between Film and Music|電影與音樂不期而遇

Woonjii and Jayme are both performing vinyl-only DJ sets at the Festival Lounge. We invited them to re-score a film of their choice. 

Prompt: In response to the festival’s slogan, ‘Encounter the Unexpected’, share a film that recently exceeded your expectations and select three pieces of music as its film score. 



Woonjii and JayMe performing vinyl-only DJ sets at the Festival Lounge, 2024. Photo: Annabel Preston Woonjii及JayMe於「電影節蒲點」進行DJ表演,2024年,攝影:Annabel Preston

Woonjii: I loved the opening of (1963). Although Fellini uses a stable camera, its movement within the claustrophobic compartment creates a feeling of suffocation, which was very memorable. To this scene, I would add noise music, such as Ben Frost’s Threshold of Faith, Andy Stott’s Too Many Voices, and The Caretaker’s Everywhereat the End of Time (Stage 3).

Woonjii:我很喜歡《八部半》(1963)的開場,雖然費里尼使用了穩定的鏡頭,但鏡頭在狹隘的車廂中移動,予人窒息的感覺,令人難忘。我會配上噪音音樂,分別是Ben Frost的《Threshold Of Faith》、Andy Stott的《Too Many Voices》、The Caretaker的《Everywhere at the End of Time (Stage 3)》。

Woonjii’s vinyl selection, 2024. Photo: Annabel Preston Woonjii挑選的黑膠唱片,2024年,攝影:Annabel Preston

JayMe: The recent release, The Sparring Partner (2022), exceeded my expectations. I loved its unusual conclusion and somewhat surrealist style. The British band Felt’s The Optimist and the Poet would be great for the opening of the film. The track is part of the album The Splendour of Fear, which has a dismembered woman on its cover that reminds me of the film’s key themes. Another track would be British female singer PJ Harvey’s Legs from the album Rid of Me. The lyrics tell the story of a woman who cut off her boyfriend’s legs. The third track would be Death is Not the End from the album Murder Ballads by Australian band Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, which is very fitting for the film’s ending.

JayMe:近期上映的《正義迴廊》(2022)出乎我意料之外,我很喜歡它與眾不同的結局以及有點超現實的表現手法。英國樂隊Felt的《The Optimist and the Poet》適合用於電影開場,此曲出自專輯《The Splendour of Fear》,封面像個被肢解的女人,可與電影相呼應;第二首是英國女歌手PJ Harvey專輯《Rid of Me》中的《Legs》,歌詞講述一個女人砍斷男友雙腿的故事;第三首是澳洲樂隊Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds專輯《Murder Ballads》中的Death is Not the End,以配合電影的結局。

JayMe’s vinyl selection, 2024. Photo: Annabel Preston JayMe挑選的黑膠唱片,2024年,攝影:Annabel Preston
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