LuYang Illusory World

8:00 pm
Grand Stair

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Lu Yang is a Chinese new media artist who skilfully merges digital technologies with ancient Buddhist philosophies. Their work delves into the realms of neuroscience and religion, using cutting-edge technologies and video game aesthetics to explore the concept of 'existence'.

For LuYang Illusory World, the performance at M+, Lu will incorporate various avatars and protagonists from their troves and past works, including the renowned ‘DOKU’. The digital characters are derived from religious philosophy, video games, and anime. The work consists of a performance where a dancer, wearing motion capture technology, embodies the often-genderless avatar forms as digital reincarnations. In an intense audiovisual experience, the work prompts contemplation of the current human condition—the inhibition at the intersection of the bodily, spiritual, and digital realms. The performance also includes live music by Li Xin and virtual visual effects manipulated live by a game controller.

About the Artist

Lu Yang (b. 1984, Beijing) is an artist who works in Tokyo and Shanghai. Lu’s works combine fantasy, pain, and astonishment, which represent the cross-disciplinary integration of religion, philosophy, neuroscience, psychology, and modern technology as allusion to the real-life form, structure of nature, and the origin of religion. Lu’s artistic practice spans game engines, 3D animated movies, electronic gaming devices, live motion capture performance, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

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