Fearless & Fierce: The Female Gaze

1:00 pm
Grand Stair

Geu Nui Gei

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4 min

I Have

Cao Yu
4 min

Eleven Men

Nguyen Trinh Thi
28 min


Tracey Moffatt
20 min

Kiyoko's Situation

Mako Idemitsu
24 min

Labour of Love: The Housewife

Rajendra Gour
17 min

A Very Easy Death

Mary Stephen
7 min

Mirror Points

Ruby Yang
5 min

Untitled 77-A

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6 min

Fearless & Fierce: The Female Gaze presents nine moving image works from the 1970s to the present day by artists and filmmakers who address the dilemma, struggle, and ever-changing situation of women in Asia. The programme opens with Fion Ng’s Geu Nu Gei and Cao Yu’s I Have, both of which satirise the stereotypes of women’s role within patriarchal societies. Nguyen Trinh Thi’s Eleven Men wittily offers a fresh perspective through the monologue of a woman who recounts eleven love stories set to found footage scenes of male characters of famous state-produced Vietnamese classics, featuring the same central actress Như Quỳnh. Mother by Tracy Moffatt weaves together scenes from films and TV dramas that describe convoluted relationships between mothers and their children throughout film history. Mako Idemitsu’s Kiyoko's Situation, Rajendra Gour’s Labour of Love The Housewife, and Mary Stephen’s A Very Easy Death delve into the programme’s theme by contrasting the culturally defined role of mothers and the freewill of women in contemporary life. Ruby Yang’s Mirror Points and Han Ok-hee's Untitled 77-A powerfully illustrate how inner turmoil, self-awakening, and emancipation can be expressed in both the private and public sphere from a female perspective.

Geu Nui Gei | Fion Ng Yin Chun. Geu Nui Gei, 1997. Photo: Courtesy of Videotage © Fion Ng Yin Chun

I Have | Cao Yu. I Have, 2017. Single-channel digital video (colour, sound), duration: 4 min. 22 sec.. M+, Hong Kong. © Cao Yu.

Eleven Men | Nguyen Trinh Thi. Eleven Men, 2016. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Mother | Tracey Moffatt, Mother, 2009. Single-channel digital video (colour, black and white, sound), duration: 20 min.. M+, Hong Kong. Gift of Tracey Moffatt, 2018. © Tracey Moffatt. Courtesy of the artist and Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, Sydney.

Kiyoko's Situation | Mako Idemitsu, Kiyoko's Situation, 1989. Single-channel video (colour, sound), duration: 24 min. 19 sec.. M+, Hong Kong. © Mako Idemitsu/EAI.

Labour of Love: The Housewife | Rajendra Gour. Labour of Love: The Housewife, 1978. Photo: Courtesy of Asian Film Archive.

A Very Easy Death | Mary Stephen. A Very Easy Death, 1975. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Mirror Points | Ruby Yang. Mirror Points, 1982. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Untitled 77-A | Han Ok-hee. Untitled 77-A, 1970s. Photo: Courtesy of National Asian Culture Center.