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Vinyl DJ Sets

Thu • 30.5 & Sat • 1.6
Festival Lounge
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Enjoy an eclectic mix of vinyl-only DJ sets at the Festival Lounge.

Enjoy an eclectic mix of vinyl-only DJ sets to kickstart the Asian Avant-Garde Film Festival. Local veteran crate diggers Woonjii and JayMe will transport you to another world through diverse music genres from their personal collection of over 4,000 vinyl records. Explore musical possibilities, transcending formats and experiencing varied artistic expressions.

Woonjii possesses a unique collection of abstract sounds, unconventional rhythms, and melodies from around the world, with a focus on Asia. Woonjii's debut at 宀 club showcased her genre-defying mixing skills, leading her to establish the experimental collective,‘yisekai. With unconventional sounds, yikesai create exciting new experiences, disrupting emotions and space.

JayMe grew up in the 1970s witnessing the disco boom firsthand. He started DJing in 2013 alongside his medical career, earning him the title ‘the Disco Doctor’. He founded the club Acadana, which provides the community with an escape to total freedom and self-expression on the dance floor. JayMe also founded Reach, a music collective that pays homage to clubbing culture in NYC in the late 1970s with respect for their positive, uplifting messages, and strong belief of their key fundamentals of inclusion, peace and harmony.

Date and time:

Thu • 30.5 • 4pm - 5:30pm

Sat • 1.6 • 7pm - 10pm