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Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms

Legends in Human World

Thu • 30.5 to Sun • 2.6
Festival Lounge
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How does one get a tarot card reading in the digital age? Mountain River Jump! is here to help.

Think of a question, whip out your phone, and take a photo of the screen with fast-rotating images. Your photo is your fortune, which you can decipher with the help of the wall text.

Cards of Chinese Animal Idioms: Legends in Human World (2017) is an interactive installation that reinterprets traditional Chinese divination with digital technology. The looping video features 49 unique cards created by the artist duo Mountain River Jump!   This humorous and interactive artwork combines Asian spiritualism with a commentary on digital acceleration and our constant search for the meaning of life.

Mountain River Jump! is a Guangzhou-based duo founded in 2016 by identical twins Huang He and Huang Shan. Their multimedia practice explores the intersections of mysticism, ancient beliefs, psychology, and popular culture within contemporary Chinese society.